What does party attire mean?

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Party attire is a dress or suit, anything that you would wear to a party. If it's formal, a cocktail dress or gown would be appropriate.

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Q: What does party attire mean?
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Related questions

What does white attire mean in reference to dress for a party?

Quite simply, wear white.

What is party casual attire?

Casual attire is something that is not formal, such as jeans and a comfortable top.

What does black and white attire mean?

it means your clothes. for example i am having a birthday party and the attire is black...meaning everyone has to wear black clothes (except the birthday girl)

What is a black and white party?

people dress in black and white attire

What is attire mean?

type of clothes

What is party attire?

Casual attire is something that is not formal, such as jeans and a comfortable top. cocktail party attire man should wear a suit and tie. lady can wear an elegant-looking dress in any color, but no formal gowns. The skirt length can be anything that you are comfortable wearing.

What do you wear to a sweet 16 dance party with clubbing attire or what is clubbing attire?

I would personaly wear a short sparkly dress with high heels.

What is meant by attire?

Dress is what is meant by attire. You may receive receive an invitation specifying formal dress. That would mean formal attire. It is what you are wearing.

What does attire mean?

The word attire refers to clothing, formal or dressy in particular.

A sentence for the word attire?

Definition: clothing Sentence: My mother was uncertain and self conscious about her attire to the party. She didn't know if it was appropriate for the occasion. Kaili rocks!

What does clothing mean?

A type of poo

What is sweet sixteen party attire?

Whomever throws the party should specify casual or dressy on the invitation. When in doubt, call and ask.

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