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Black Entertainment Television

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Q: What does music channel bet stand for?
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What does Ch stand for on a map of rivers?

I bet it means channel

What channel is bet on for comcast?

bet award channel is 71

What channel does much music video awards come on in the US?

Fuse, BET, and MTV will all feature the awards.

What channel is the bet awards for dish?

Bet is on channel 124 on DISH Network.

What kind of music can be found on the BET website?

The initials BET in website name stand for Black Entertainment Television. As such, the music on the BET website is by Black artists (mainly American in origin). Examples are Beyonce, Chris Brown and Rhianna. The music style ranges from Pop to Hip hop and Rap.

What channel is the reawakening on?

it comes on channel 75 on bet

What channel is the BET awards on?

OMG!! The bet awards is on BET channel 61 or 329. How dumb can some people be!?

What channel is BET on Cox Communications?

its on channel 27 in las vegas

What channel is reality channel on cox cable?

logo vh1 MTV bet

What television channel is bet on?

depends on your company, i have at&t Uverse and its on channel 155

Is Gospel Music Channel on Dish Network?

Gospel Music Channel is on channel 188. DISH Network does offer customers a few different gospel music options. FWC Music on channel 257 is Live Gospel music or there's also, Gospel Music Showcase on the Daystar Television Network on channel 263. Another channel that may be something you are interested in is, Gaither Homecoming Hour (Gospel Music) on CTN channel 267.

When was TVU Music channel created?

TVU Music channel was created in 2001.