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it usually is the scientific term for a buried body after a few years the corpse ultimately rots that's the nature of things but I wont be worm food Im going to have a funeral pyre just like the viking kings of old!!!

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Q: What does mean body decomposition?
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What are the body decomposition reaction?

The most important body decomposition reaction is the digestion of foods.

In the body decomposition reaction are?

catabolic and exergonic

In the body decomposition reactions are usually?

These reactions are called catabolic.

The breaking down of body compound is known as?

Decomposition or Degradation.

After an organism dies what happens to the nitrogen in the body?

It is destroyed by decomposition

A result of the application of force?

Movement in the body or decomposition if foce is sufficient.

In the body decomposition reactions are usually anabolic reactions?

No, these reactions are catabolic.

Why dead animal body starts emitting foul smell after sometime?

Its because od decomposition of the body ......

Do air and light affect the decomposition of food products?

Environmental conditions affect decomposition. A body that is exposed to air will decompose more quickly and exhibit more insect activity. A buried body will decompose eight times slower than a body exposed to air. This is due in part to limited insect activity and possibly lower temperatures. Likewise a body submerged in water decomposes at half the rate of an exposed body. The rate of decomposition depends on the temperature of the water. Cold water slows decomposition and warm water causes faster decomposition. The body is also shielded from insect activity as long as it is submerged.

What gas is generated in wetland areas or due to decomposition of animal body?


What happens if an aye aye dies?

Basically, it's body will undergo decomposition.

What does the word molecules mean?

something scientific to do with thermal decomposition