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Music provides meaning and context to daily life.

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Q: What does it means to say that music is a cultural signifier?
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Ho do you say mean in FRENCH?


What does it mean to say that music is a cultural?

Music provides meaning and context to daily life.

What is hokum in Arabic?

i am arabic so i know what it means. it means music and to say music in arabic means muzica

how do you say she likes listening to music in French?

Elle aime ecouter de la musique is how you say she likes listening to music in French. Elle means she's, aime means likes, ecouter means listen and la musique means music.

What does the never say never music video mean?

The (Never Say Never) music video to me means don't give up on LOVE. Sarah:) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When was gamelan music first played?

In their cultural Java mythology, Gamelan music was first started in the Saka era (which is about 230 A.D), while others say it originated in the 8th century

What are facts about group?

Usually if you say pop it means it's a popular music

You want to download music on your sansa 260 mp3 player and it says writing what does that mean?

If your sansa says writing while your downloading music that means your downloading the music on to your sansa. When it doesn't say writing anymore that means the music is downloaded.

Is a race cultural or genetic?

I would say it is cultural.

How do you say cultural in spanish?

cultural......the same as english

What is classical contemporary?

It means new "classical" music, that is to say concert music, symphonies, operas, etc., that is written by living composers.

How do you say in my music class in Spanish?

"En mi clase de música" means "in my music class."