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It could mean that the content was made for DVD, and never had to pass through the rating board system, or that new footage was added to an already rated movie, and the movie with the new footage has not been passed through the ratings system. It could also mean that the movie was made before the ratings board was created. The addition of new footage could either makethe film a stronger version, or could have no effect on the rating at all.

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Q: What does it mean unrated on a DVD?
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Is Jennifer's body PG 13?

No it is rated R, but there is an unrated version on DVD.

What is the perfect getaway rated?

It is rated R. The DVD/Blu-ray that is coming out will have it unrated.

Where can you watch Sharon stone's lesbian scene that was cut out of basic instinct 2?

Unrated DVD

What age restriction is Jennifer's Body?

It is rated R (17) and there is also an unrated version of the film on the DVD.

What does unrated movie mean?

Unrated means the movie has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Most older unrated movies are just not rated by the MPAA because they are generally PG in content, however newer films are unrated because of excessive gore or violence which would have to be cut in order to obtain a rating.

When was UnRated Magazine created?

UnRated Magazine was created in 2001.

Is The Grudge movie PG-13?

Yes, The Grudge (2004) is PG-13, although an Unrated version has also been released on DVD. The Unrated version will be clearly marked as "Unrated."However, the original Japanese version, Ju-On (2002) is rated R in the U.S.

What does unrated films are really rated?

An unrated film or an unrated version of a film is one that has not been submitted to the Motion Picture Association of America for a rating.

What does UR rated mean?

Unrated. It was never submitted to the MPAA to be rated.

Does unknowns in account information have any effect on credit scores?

Depends on what you mean. Is it unrated? If it is unrated the answer is yes. It shows up the same as a negative since there is no information such as paid as agreed so it defaults to a negative status.

Is there an pg-13 version of anchorman 2?

The first part of Anchorman - The Legend of Ron Burgundy, was PG-13 in cinemas and got an Unrated Cut on DVD and Blu-ray.

Is there an unrated Naruto?