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Firstly, imprinting is something that shapeshifters (from the twilight saga books by Stephenie Meyer) do. Shapeshifters are called werewolves which is the improper name, but oh well.

Imprinting is something only werewolves can do. When a werewolves imprints on somebody it means that they have found their other half. Their true love. It's like love at first sight but more powerful. It's like gravety moves. His/her desiny. Who they are meant to be with.

So to have a wolf imprint on you means that you the imprintee has found his/her imprinter. You have found your love. You were half and now you are whole.

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in the case of twilight, it means that when a werewolf looks at most likely another werewolf, they know that they are their soul mate. they are loyal to only that one particular person for the rest of their lives.

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imprint simply means to label as a mate or friend is like branding them they imprint by buting sent on them or just being drawn to them

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Q: What does it mean to imprint on somebody?
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