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it means that they could tell when pitches come together what sounds good an what does not co ordinate it means they are good in detecting musical errors an good in listening with good constructive criticism

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Q: What does it mean for someone to have an ear for music?
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What does the idiom Van Gogh's ear for music mean?

Vincent Van Gogh is said to have cut off a piece of his ear for a lover, leaving him partially deaf. So to say someone has "Van Gogh's ear for music" is akin to calling said person tone deaf.

What does the idiom playing music by ear mean?

It means that someone has listened to a piece of music and plays it from that rather than reading notes off of sheet music. I did it with the violin for years. Played in the orchestra and did very well yet cannot read music to this day.

What does the phrase by ear mean?

Playing something by ear means playing from memory just by listening, not by reading the music.

What does it mean to rap someone?

To battle someone with music.

What is involved with ear training exercises?

A music ear training exercise can mean many different things. It is basically a way to test how strong of a musical ear an individual has.

What does it mean when someone bites your ear?

It simply means that they want you to lay

What does harmoney mean in music?

Any simultaneous combination of notes, blended into cords and pleasing to the ear

What does it mean when your right ear burns?

some people say someone is talking about you

Is it possible for someone to turn deaf by listening to loud music?

Yes. Listening to loud music can damage the ear. This is really true with the ear buds that people often use. Many singers have hearing loss. One that I know about is Sting.

Which ear can you hear music in the best?

left ear

What does 'Take it from the top' mean in music?

When someone says "Take it from the top" in music, they mean start from the beginning of the piece.

How much music can you listen per day without getting ear problems?

Music does not cause ear problems. Loud music or constant in-ear head phones may cause problems, but music at reasonable levels will not hurt you.