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don't get angry or irritated

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Q: What does don't get your hackles up mean?
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What does it mean when a dog's hair is sticking up?

I would say they are being aggressive or scared.

What does the idiom don't get your hackles up mean?

"Getting one's hackles up" is a reference to animals that, in an effort to make themselves appear larger and more menacing, they will raise the hair on the back of their neck and down their back to serve as a visual warning to their apponent that the situation is reaching the flash point.

What is the raised hair on dogs back known as?

The hairs on the neck and back that stand up when a dog is showing aggression are called "hackles."

How do you use hackles in sentence?

Seeing the wolf in the woods really made my hackles rise.

What is another word for hairs on a dog's back?

when the hairs stand up on a dogs back they are known as Hackles

What happens when a wolf raises its hackles?

When a wolf raises it's hackles, it is normally very mad and ready to fight. This is normally when they're barring their canines or they could even raise their hackles while playing with another wolf.

What breed of dog has hackles?


Do soma's show up in your bloodsteam?

dont you mean bloodstream? dont you mean bloodstream?

What are the release dates for Buffalo Bill - 1983 Hackles 1-12?

Buffalo Bill - 1983 Hackles 1-12 was released on: USA: 1983

Her dog seems fierce?

You must be more specific. Fierce just barking? Growling snarling? Tail up? Down? Ear position? Hackles up?

What are horse hackles?

Erectile hair in the neck area

Its mean shup up and dont visit this website?

It could possibly mean that, yes.