What does coo mean in WWE?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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COO Stands for Chief Operating Officer. The role of a COO is actually an on screen character that is played by Triple H. He is not actually the COO of the company. Also, the WWE does not have a COO who can control the company like what he is shown as doing on TV

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Q: What does coo mean in WWE?
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Is Triple H out for good in the WWE?

No. He is back as the COO

Who is the coo of WWE?

Until about two months ago it was Vincent McMahon. As part of WWE's storyline, he was fired by the board of directors and replaced by Triple H. Last week Triple H was relieved of his duties and the Vice President of Talent Relations, John Laurinitis took over as the COO Vince was never COO he is the Chairman of the board and still owner of the WWE. HHH is still COO he was replaced as General Manager over RAW. Vice Presided of Talent Relations is not the COO he is only GM of RAW

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What does the last name cline mean?

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Will tripl4 h return to WWE?

He is already back. He is the COO running the Raw and Smackdown shows

WWE where is dx?

DX is a retired tag team, no longer together. This is because Triple H is the COO of WWE and Shawn Michaels is retired from wrestling.

Why did kaval quit?

he did not but after he lost to dolph ziggler the wwe COO thougt he sucked so he got fired

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What does white the last name mean?

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Is Triple H is the manergar of raw of WWE?

No. Triple H is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the WWE. He is not the General Manager. Brad Maddox is the GM of WWE RAW. Vickie Guerrero is the GM of Smackdown

Who was WWE chairman after tripple h?

Triple H was not the chairman of the WWE. Vince McMahon has always been the chairman of the WWE. On Screen, Triple H was the COO of the WWE and the General Manager of RAW. As part of a storyline, the wrestlers revolted against Trip being in-charge and John Laurinitis took over as GM. As of now Trip is the storyline COO of WWE and an occasional wrestler. In real life, he is the head of Talent Relations in the WWE and is in-charge of identifying new talent and grooming existing stars.