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A cantus firmus forms the basis of a polyphonic composition. It is set apart using rather long notes. The usage of a cantus firmus was very popular during the midevil times.

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Q: What does a cantus firmus form in music?
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What chant melody with elongated rhythms sung beneath one or more faster melodies is called?

cantus firmus Tyler?

What is the chant that is used as the basis for polyphony?

cantus firmus

What was the chant that was used as the main melody in a musical composition?

Cantus firmus.

Was Venit ad Petrum often used as the cantus firmus for the mass?


In a polyphonic composition, the part that holds the melody?

The tenor sings the melody.

Fixed melody used as a basis for elaborate polyphonic writing in the renaissance?

a cantus firmus

What is a chant sung with elongated rhythms beneath one or more faster melodies?

This is called a cantus firmus.

During the Renaissance what was the name composers gave to the original chant used as the basis for the main melody and a composition?

Cantus Firmus

A medieval motet was built on a phrase of gregorian chant called?

a gregorian chant was used as the base part for the motet and was called the cantus firmus

A fixed or borrowed melody such as Gregorian chant sung in note of long duration and sometimes used as the basis of an extended composition?

Cantus Firmus

Medieval music that consists of Gregorian chant and one or more additional melodic lines is called?

Polyphonic - the weaving together of many ("poly") sounds. The line - voice - containing the chant is called the cantus firmus. The other voices can be derived from the chant or independently composed.

What has the author Martin Bieri written?

Martin Bieri has written: 'Ricercare: Verzeichnis cantus-firmus-gebundener Orgelmusik (Buch + CD-ROM)' -- subject(s): OUR Brockhaus selection, Musik