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A bohemian, in the true meaning, is a very free spirited person. They don't let society have any amount of grip on them, and most live very artistic and romantic lives. As far as clothing goes, they love to express individuality and sometimes go to extremes to do it. Most bohemian women can be found sporting long prairie skirts, natural jewelry, and large, hobo like bags. It's a little tricky to say what a male bohemian would wear, but it would defiantly have an artistic and somewhat romantic vibe to it.

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A Bohemian is a person that could from Bohemia, or someone who has informal habits like a young writer or an artist. They dress a lot like hippy's with long baggy comfortable clothing and jewelry.

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Bohemians I would imagine would actually be quite fair skinned since Bohemia is part of modern day Czech Republic, not any country with warmer climates that produce darker skinned people.

mostly mexican. and italian. So light brown skin. medium brown/dark brown hair. So dont mistake them for whites,... Im no white and never will be.

Im mexican,bohemian,italian,spanish,german.:DD and im glad!

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Q: What does a bohemian look like?
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