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k wat there trying to say the white lotus is a flower and it bloomed twice thts why they say the lotus of the leaf village blooms twice!

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Q: What does The lotus of the Leaf Village blooms twice even mean?
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What is lotus leaf?

It is a leaf belongs to an aquatic plant of the family Nymphaeaceae.

Do lotus leaf have stomata?

Yes they do! All leaves have stomata, but the lotus's stomata are on the top of the leaf, not the bottom.

Is water lily leaf the same as lotus leaf?


Why the leaf of the lotus has a waxy coating on it?

Lotus have waxy coating on the leaves to protect them from water.

Does A water lotus have a swollen leaf stalk?


Is rin part of the leaf village?

yeah she is because she was with kakashi and he was from the leaf village

When was Maple Leaf Village created?

Maple Leaf Village was created in 1979.

When did Maple Leaf Village end?

Maple Leaf Village ended in 1993.

What the effects of lotus leaf tea?

Lotus leaf tea can help to produce saliva and slake thirst, dispel the toxin, lower lipid and slim the body.

What is the leaf villages enemy village?

The Leaf Villages enmy i believe is the Sand Village

What village was Naruto born in?

Leaf village.

Who started the leaf village?

the leaf village started when the third hogages brothers or whatever they are witch is the 1st and 2nd hogage worked together and built the leaf village