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he likes a girl that is mindless and who has swag and natural beauty who can love him for him

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He know the past of rock,hip-hop and r&b. ~Janii~

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Q: What does Princeton aka Jacob Perez like?
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What are Jacob Perez aka Princeton parents name?

what is jacob perez's mum's name

Who is the tallest in mindless behavior?

Jacob Perez aka Princeton

How old is Princeton in 2012?

Jacob Perez aka Princeton is 15 years old :]

Who discovered Jacob Perez?

Jacob Perez, aka Princeton or Princeton Perez, auditioned for the group Mindless Behavior in 2008. The four original members were selected and trained by Keisha Gamble, Walter Millsap, and Vincent Herbert.

What is Jacob Perez aka Princeton from mb real mom name?

Princeton's mom's name is Theresa Perez if you don't believe me go on youtube and type in countdown to mindless behavior and in the credits that are in the beginning in says Thanks to Theresa Perez and Lakeisha Gibson which is Ray Ray's mom's name but it goes by really fast so watch closely

What is Jacob Perez's nationality?

I'm assuming you mean from 'Jacob Perez' aka Princetonfrom MB (MindlessBehavior) Teen/KidGroup. It is said that he is African-American, and Hispanic.

Who is the oldest in Mindless Behavior?

Ray Ray, Princeton, Prodigy,Roc Royal (The new member,Ej, who replace prodigy is older than Roc. Craig Thomas Crippen jr. aka Prodigy December 26th,1996 Rayan De'Quann aka Ray Ray January 6th, 1997 Jacob Anthony Emmanuel Perez aka Princeton April 21, 1997 Chresanto Lorenzo Romelo August aka Roc Royal July 23th, 1997 Visit Colorme_Mindless on insta for more info.

What is jacob Perez middle name?

His mom wanted to have a sort of normal name because he is black and latino. So, she named him Joseph it could be for any race.

What size does Princeton wear?

Princeton aka sexy wears a size 8

What is Princeton dog name?

Princeton's dog's name is sammy (aka sam).

What are the names of the Mindless Behavior group?

Ray Ray - Raquan T. smith Princeton -Jacob Perez ( Jacob Emmanuel Perez) Roc Royal - Chresanto August (aka Trey - he says Trey is easier to pronounce than Chresanto.) EJ - new lead singer (Elijah J) Former member Prodigy - Craig Crippen Jr. (He has the same name as his dad)

Does Jacob in real life have a girlfriend?

If you mean Jacob Black aka Taylour then yes he does