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Pat Sajak's wife is Lesly Brown Sajak is a beautiful brunette who was born on February 18 1965 and looks very good for her age. She once is to have appeared in a OCT/NOV 1988 issue of Playboy and also on an early dating TV show as a contestant. They have pictures of her with Pat and her alone taken in the past few years if you do an internet search.

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yes she was a letter turner while pat and Vanna played and Alex trebek hosted for a April fool's day prank show

She has also appeared in the on location promos shown during the show with pat sajak at places like Hawaii

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Q: What does Pat Sajak's Wife look like?
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Who is pat sajaks wife?

Pat Sajak is married to Leslie Brown Sajak.

Who is pat sajaks daughter?

Maggie Sajak Pat Sajak's daughter was born on January 5,1995.

What happened to pat sajaks first wifeWhat about his first wife pat sajak?

No information is available on his first wife Sherrill who is not a celebrity and was divorced from Pat Sajak in 1986. They were married in 1979. The divorce was 3 years before his second marriage to Lesly Brown Sajak on December 31 1989

Why is Pat Sajaks hair so blond?

It is the color he has chosen, it looks close to grey to me

Who was pat sajaks 1st wife?

Pat Sajak has been married to his current wife Lesly Brown Sajak for almost 20 years. They were married on December 31 1989. No information is available on an Internet search about his earlier marriage. That is most likely because the Marriage and Divorce happened before he was successful.

Does Postman pat look like Bradley branning?

No they don't look alike.

Who was pat boones wife?

Shirley Foley

Who was the presidents wife in the 1970s?

Pat Nixon

Who is little Milton wife?

Pat Campbell

Who is Pat sajacs wife?

Pat Sajak was first married to Sherrill Sajak. After their divorce, Sajak married second wife Lesly Brown Sajak.

Did pat Sajak's wife host the Wheel of Fortune?

Yes when Pat and Vanna were contestants Pat's Wife Lesly Brown Sajak was the letter turner and Alex Trebek took Pat's Host position while Pat and Vanna played as contestants for an April Fool's Day prank on viewers.

Does pat sajak look like doug llewelyn?

no maybe Doug looks like Pat to you. In any case since Pat Sajak is more well known because of his Wheel of Fortune Television career than someone known because he interviewed litigants as they exited Judge Wapner's courtroom as a host of The People's Court. Doug Llewelyn would be said to look like the more famous Pat Sajak