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Mayor Undersee is only discribed as a tall, balding man who has a taste for strawberries.

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Q: What does Mayor Undersee look like?
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What does Mayor Undersee from The Hunger Games look like?

Old, a little big... You get a image of what he [sort of] looks like.

Who is the mayor of district 12 in the hunger games?

Mayor Undersee is the mayor of distrect 12. He is the father of Katniss' friend, Madge, who gave her the gold mockingjay pin. :)

Who is the president in district 12?

The mayor. Mayor Undersee

Who is Claudius undersee in the Hunger Games?

There is no person named Claudius Undersee. There is a person named Claudius Templesmith, who is the announcer for the Hunger Games, and there is a person named Mayor Undersee, who is the Mayor of District 12.

Who is District 12's Mayor Hunger Games?

it never says his first name, but his name is mayor undersee. his daughter is madge undersee.

What is the Mayor's daughter name in The Hunger Games?

Madge Undersee ; see related link below .

Who is made undersee from the Hunger Games?

The mayor's daughter!

What does Katniss and Gale sell to mayor Undersee?


What does Katniss take to the mayor in The Hunger Games?

strawberrys mayor undersee loves strawberrys

What is the mayors name in the hunger games book?

Mayor undersee

Who is mayor undersee in the hunger games book?

hes the mayor of district 12 and hes madges dad

Did the mayor in hunger games die?

Yes. Mayor Undersee is killed during the firebombing in Catching Fire.