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On his right eyelid it says FEAR, On the middle of his fore head it says OF, On his left eyelid it says GOD no they dont mean that the middle of his forhead is a C for carter and they say Fear God nothing else goes with it

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On his right eyelid it says fear, in the middle of his eyes it says of, and on the left eyelid it says god. So it really says Fear Of God.

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Q: What does Lil Wayne's tattoo on his eyelids say?
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What dose lil waynes tattoo on his eyelids say?

fear of god

What does the tattoo on lil waynes left palm say?

It says "i really need to learn English and stop using ebonics"

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What does the prayer tattoo on lil Wayne say?

Fear God

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fidy tree fidy

What tattoes does lil Wayne have?

He has so many! It would be kind of hard to say all of them, but some are teardrops on or below his eyelids.

What does dat tattoo on Lil durk neck say?

Lil Durk has multiple tattoos, including some on his neck. The one on his neck says 'Blessed". He appears to like the tattoo lifestyle and wrote a song about tattoos.

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