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Leisure pro is a company that specializes in products for the Scuba diving industry. From a pair of fins to a new dive mask, leisure pro can outfit you completely for a diving trip.

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Leisure Pro is a company that provides equipment for diving and snorkeling. They have been in business for over 15 years and so are a well established company

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Q: What does Leisure Pro specialize in?
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Does leisure pro offer snorkeling lessons?

"Leisure Pro does not offer snorkeling lessons. However, they do have ""Educational and Guides"" section on their website that offers some type of online course as well as books and DVDs."

What exactly can you tell me about leisure pro?

Leisure Pro is a company that offers scuba diving equipment and snorkeling gear. If you were going to take a scuba course somewhere you would want to shop for stuff here.

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You can purchase an oxygen analyzer for your scuba diving needs from a website called Yokogawa. You can also purchase some from Leisure Pro, and OMS Dive.

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