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Twilight (2008).... Jasper Hale
Hurt (2008).... Conrad Coltrane
Senior Skip Day (2008).... Snippy
Big Stan (2007).... Robbie the Hippie
"The War at Home".... Dylan
The Valley of Light (2007) (TV).... Travis
"Beautiful People".... Nicholas Fiske
"The O.C.".... Justin
Pray for Morning (2006).... Connor
"Close to Home".... Scott Fields
River's End (2005).... Jimmy

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The films Jackson Rathboen starred in are:

Movies:Hurt,S.Darco,Young Again,DaZe:Vol.Too,Twilight,Newmoon,Dread,Senior Skip Day,Big Stan,Rivers End,pay for morning,and,The Valley Of Light.

T.V shows he starred in:Beautiful people (My Fave!So Hot!),The O.C,Criminal Minds,The War at home,Close to home,and,Disney 411.

He is currently working on The Last Airbender as sokka,and Lords of chaos.

Jackson Rathbone is a singing and acting sensation.

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Jasper Hale In Twilight,

Nicholas Fiske In Beautiful People,

Disney 411

Sokka In "The Last Airbender" The Movie

Theres more but i cant remember

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all i know he is in are

Twilight saga, Twilight saga: new moon, Twilight saga:eclipse as Jasper Hale

The Last Airbender: movie as Sokka

Beautiful People as Nicholas Fiske

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I know he played Cedric Diggory in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Robert is also a model and musician

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Q: What does Jackson Rathbone play in besides twilight?
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Who did Jackson Rathbone play as in twilight?

Jackson Rathbone played Jasper Hale in Twilight!

Does Jackson Rathbone play Jasper in all of The Twilight Saga movies?

Yes Jackson Rathbone does play Jasper in all the Twilight movies.

Did Jackson rathbone play a confederate soldier?

Jackson Rathbone played as Jasper in Twilight. Jasper Hale was a Confederate soldier in the Confederate army in the Civil War.

Did Jackson rathbone play a confederate soldier in a movie if so what movie?

Yes Jackson plays a Confederate soldier in Twilight.

Who does Jackson rathbone play in twilight?

He plays Jasper Hale. Edward's adoptive brother. Married to Alice Cullen

Who play Jasper in ecplice?

Jackson Rathbone, he played Jasper in Twilight and New Moon, and will be doing all of the movies.

Who could play Jace Wayland in a movie besides Robert Pattinson?

Well i actually thought Jackson rathbone

Do Jackson rathbone play in Avatar the Last Airbender?

Jackson Rathbone plays Sokka .

Who will play Jasper Cullen?

Jackson Rathbone

What instrument does Jackson Rathbone play?


Does the actor who plays japer in twilight also play edward scissor hands?

No, Jackson Rathbone was the actor who played Jasper in the Twilight series. Johnny Depp is the actor who plays Edward Scissorhands.

Who play's jasperhale in new moon?

Jackson Rathbone