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Jack says that the conch is meaningless on his end of the island. He makes his own rules and does not consider Ralph a leader.

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Q: What does Jack say about the conch in chapter 9?
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What does jack as about the conch?

In chapter 9: A View to a Death Jack holds a feast on the beach and invites boys to join his tribe. When Ralph tells him that he is still the chief and he has the conch Jack says, and I quote... "You haven't got it with you, "said Jack, sneering. "You left it behind. See, clever? And the conch doesn't count at this end of the island---"

What is chapter 9 about in the great horn spoon?

Chapter 9 is about Jack and Praisworthy moving on through the gold fields on the wagon when Jack notices Cut Eye Higgons.

Why the boys begin to dance in chapter 9?

In Lord of the Flies Chapter 9 the boys dance because in Jack's tribe it has become a ritual and one of Jack's "fun" things he had promised to them.

What does Simon try to tell the boys in chapter 9?

This is found in Chapter 8 of Lord of the Flies. Simon tells everyone that they need to go climb the mountain. He is saying this in response to the discussion by blowing the conch..

What does jack plan to steal from Ralph?

Well in chapter 10 Jack and his tribe of savages invade Ralph's tribe (made of up Ralph, Sam and Eric, Piggy, and one/two littluns) in order to steal Piggy's glasses, which is overall the power to start a fire on the island. Jack might have mentioned this plan in chapter 9 so I'm hoping this is the right answer to your question.

What page does scout say Uncle Jack smells like alcohol and something sweet?

Scout mentions that Uncle Jack smells like alcohol and something sweet on page 178 in the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee.

What chapter do they say jesus will ride on a donkey in the futur?

Yes this was fulfilled s Jesus rode on a colt on Palm Sunday. It is told by Zechariah chapter 9 verse 9.

What kind of leader is Jack chapter 9?

In chapter 9, Jack is depicted as a ruthless and power-hungry leader who rules through fear and intimidation. He has little regard for the group's well-being and prioritizes his own desires above all else. Jack's leadership style contrasts with Ralph's focus on order, cooperation, and the common good of the group.

What does josh say to make Michael mad in swallowing stones chapter 9?


What is the writer of CBSE of chapter dhul for class 9 is trying to tell in chapter?

here he poet wants to say how the sand is important for us

LOTF chapter 9 describe how Jack and the hunters change?

jack and his hunters change because in the beginning they didnt take hunting aas seriously but now they are so in to it that they are even killing people

In which capter of Breaking Dawn does Nessie say your Jacob?

first of all, it should be "in which "chapter" of breaking dawn does......" and the answer is; none, she never says that. She does say something simular= "your my jacob" which occurs in chapter 9.