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He places the conch carefully on the log.

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Q: What does Jack do before he leaves the assembly?
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In the book lord of the flies what does Jack do before he leaves the assembly?

Before jack leaves the assembly jack places the conch carefully on the log.

Are Jack-in-the-pulpit leaves edible?

yes the leaves on the jack in pulpit is edible

What do the twins shove at Ralph before he leave?

The twins shove a sharp stick at Ralph before he leaves, trying to harm him as they follow Jack's violent lead.

Are Jack-in-the Pulpit edible?

yes the leaves on the jack in pulpit is edible

Who blows the conch for assembly in chapter 8?

Jack blows the conch for the assembly to talk about the beast and that Ralph thinks that Jack's hunters are cowards and can't face the beast.

Why does jack call an assembly and what are the results of that assembly?

Jack calls an assembly to establish rules and order on the island. During the assembly, he asserts his authority and promotes the idea of hunting and fun over responsibilities like maintaining the signal fire. The result is a division among the boys, with some following Jack and others remaining loyal to Ralph.

Who announces he has seen the beast during the assembly?

jack is the one to call this assembly in the beginning of chapter 8.

What are the benefit of Jack fruit leaves?

jack fruit is very bad for health

What does jack do in response to Ralph's attempting to call in assembly?

Jack refuses to listen to Ralph's attempt to call an assembly and instead challenges Ralph's authority by leading his group of boys away from the assembly point. This action represents Jack's growing desire to rebel against Ralph's leadership and assert his own control over the group.

What does jack challenge during the assembly when he says we know who ought to speak?

When Jack challenges the assembly by saying "we know who ought to speak," he is questioning Ralph's leadership and authority. Jack is implying that he believes he should be the one in charge and that his opinion is the most important, undermining Ralph's position as leader. This challenges the group's unity and creates a power struggle within the assembly.

What is jacks 1st important announcement at the assembly?

The first important announcement that Jack makes at the assembly is that he is a hunter. He wants others to join him to hunt.

What is lifespan of jack fruit leaves?

100- 150 years