What does Hokage mean?

Updated: 8/31/2023
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* Kage meaning ("Shadow")

* The Hokage ("Fire Shadow") Fire Country - Hidden Leaf Village

* The Kazekage ("Wind Shadow") Wind Country - Hidden Sand Village

* The Mizukage ("Water Shadow") Water Country - Hidden Mist Village

* The Raikage ("Lightning Shadow") Lightning Country - Hidden Cloud Village

* The Tsuchikage ("Earth Shadow") Earth Country - Hidden Rock Village
Literal translation is fire shadow

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Look at this link and you'll find the answers lol

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omokage means kindness, reminiscence, and one other thing that i can't recall at the moment.........

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Q: What does Hokage mean?
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What does hokagay mean?

its a gay hokage

Who was the first ninja in naruto?

If you mean "ninja" as in Hokage, I am very sorry, but it does say or tell who the first Hokage is.

What do the signs on the back of the 4th Hokage's jacket mean?

Fourth Hokage's name is Minato Namikaze which means waves and wind.....or harbor. And you can also read in fanmade mangas when he showes as Akatsuki leader that his name is Arashi Uzumaki. And his Hokage name is Yon-Da-I-Me Hokage.

Naruto Shippuden revolution 3 clash of ninja How do you unlock Anbu Kakashi?

ATM, these are the ranks I have on all Characters... Bando - 4 Hokage, 4 Apprentice, 1 Head Ninja, 1 Jonin Towa - 4 Hokage, 5 Apprentice, 1 Jonin Komachi - 4 Hokage, 5 Apprentice, 1 Jonin Kagura - 4 Hokage, 2 Apprentice, 1 Jonin Yugao - 5 Hokage, 1 Jonin Sai - 3 Hokage, 1 Head Ninja Yamato - 4 Hokage Choji - 4 Hokage Shikamaru - 3 Hokage 1 Jonin Jiraiyi - 4 Hokage Tsunade - 4 Hokage, 4 Apprentice Naruto - 4 Hokage, 2 Apprentice Kakashi - 7 Hokage, 1 Head Ninja, 2 Jonin, 1 Apprentice Sakura - 4 Hokage, 1 Apprentice Asuma - 4 Hokage, 1 Jonin Shino - 9 Hokage, 1 Apprentice Kankuro - 4 Hokage Temari - 4 Hokage Gaara - 4 Hokage Guy - 4 Hokage, 1 Jonin Kurenai - 4 Hokage Kiba - 4 Hokage Baki - 3 Hokage, 1 Head Ninja Granny Chiyo - 4 Hokage Lee - 4 Hokage Tenten - 4 Hokage Neji - 4 Hokage, 1 Apprentice Anko - 4 Hokage, 1 Jonin Hinata - 4 Hokage Sasori - 4 Hokage Hiruko - 4 Hokage Kisame - 5 Hokage, 1 Jonin, 1 Apprentice Itachi - 5 Hokage Deidara - 5 Hokage Kakuzu - 4 Hokage Orochimaru - 4 Hokage Sasuke - 5 Hokage, 1 Jonin Kabuto - 4 Hokage Hidan - 4 Hokage Those are my Ranks Tell me what I need for them to get Anbu Kakashi Please!

Who will be the Hokage Naruto?

The hokages are as following: * Shodai Hokage: Hashirama Senju * Nidaime Hokage: Tobirame Senju * Sandaime Hokage: Hiruzen Sarutobi * Yondaime Hokage: Minato Namikaze * Godaime Hokage: Tsunade (Senju?) * Rokudaime Hokage: Danzo There is no information about future Hokages.

Who was the strongest Hokage?


What is after godaime Hokage?

Rokudaime Hokage

Does Naruto become hocaoga?

Im guessing you mean hokage, yeah? Ok, so, so far in the manga and the anime naruto hasn't become hokage but he might.

What does yondaime minatos name mean?

Yondaime Means the 4th Hokage!! Minato Namikaze is the name of the 4th Hokage so Yondaime is just the name of the Position of the leader

Can you get any Hokage besides the 5th Hokage?


Why did the fifth Hokage come after the 3rd?

because the fourth hokage died before the third hokage