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she is a pop idol sinsation who is a singer

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Q: What does Demi do for a living?
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What day did Demi Lovato die?

Demi is still living!

What did demi lovato do for a living?

she was a country singer & was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader

Where is Demi Lovato living?

She lives in LA also shes got a mansion is California

Is Demi Lovato living with her parents?

yes she lives with her parents and sister in los angeles

Why does Demi Lovato like what she does?

Because she is living her dream! She loves to travel to new places and do what she does best!

When is Demi Lovato leaving the treatment center?

Demi Lovato is no longer living in a treatment facility, but she will continue having appointments with various health professionals for some time. She has said that her eating disorder is something that she will struggle with for the rest of her life.

Who is better Selena or demi?

Selena is WAY better then demi Demi :)

How demi got that name?

Demi is short for Demitria. Demi is short for Demitria.

What nicknames does Demi Peters go by?

Demi Peters goes by Demi Sabrina.

Whos better demi or Selena?

Selena is WAY better then demi Demi :)

Who does miley like better Selena or demi?

Selena likes both Demi and Miley. she likes demi more because she has been friends with demi since they were seven.

Demi Lovato lives in what city?

Well she is in Disney Channel so she is living there and is on her tour bus and she lives in Dallas, Texas and she was there and she was there because she was born there