What does Delilah look like?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Delilah has curly blond hair, she's not super skinny, yet not at all near fat. You can see her here online...Sometimes she wears glasses

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Delilah Samsons wife in The Bible was a very pretty women.

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Q: What does Delilah look like?
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Delila, Delilah, Dylila, Dalyla, Dilyla, Dalilah, and Dalila are all different spellings of the Biblical name Delilah. However, there are probably numerous other spellings. If it sounds right and you like it, spell it however you'd like.

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this was written by GOD , samson and delilah were real people in a real situation and God rlly had an influence in samson's life like that!! :) check out: biblegateway .com and type in judges 16...there you will find the acoutn of samson and delilah, its not just a story!

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