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pupils form 2 lines facing each other. a character moves down the conscience alley, sometimes known as a thought tunnel and each person on each side voices thoughts. one side gives good ideas and the other gives bad ideas.

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Q: What does Conscience alley mean in drama?
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Conscience is a man's compass mean?

There is a common saying that 'conscience is a man's compass.' This means that a person's conscience will dictate their behaviors and direction in life.

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What is the purpose of conscience alley?

A useful Drama/Theatre strategy for exploring any kind of dilemma faced by a character. The class or group forms two lines facing each other. One person (usually the teacher/leader) takes the role of the protagonist and walks between the lines as each member of the group speaks their advice. It can be organised so that those on one side give opposing advice to those on the other. When the protagonist reaches the end of the alley, she makes her decision. Sometimes known as Thought Tunnel. The technique can easily be applied to a range of subjects across the curriculum, whenever a character is faced with a decision. It may be that you reach a certain point in your drama lesson, or while reading a storybook or describing an historical event, when such a moment occurs. Turn the situation round on the children/students so that they have to consider the issues involved. Then in role as King Henry, or Oliver Twist, or Red Riding Hood, you walk down the Conscience Alley as members of the group whisper their advice to you.

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