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What Chaucer doesn't like about the Skipper is that he lies to his men about the wine he steals, and has no mercy for his prisoners.

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Q: What does Chaucer seem to dislike about the Skipper?
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In The Canterbury Tales why does Chauser dislike Skipper?

Chaucer portrays the Skipper as a dishonest and untrustworthy character who is involved in illegal activities such as piracy. This negative depiction reflects Chaucer's criticism of the corruption and immorality that he observed in society during his time.

What does Chaucer seem to dislike about the Doctor?

Chaucer seems to dislike the Doctor's materialism and greed. He criticizes the Doctor for being more interested in financial gain than in genuinely helping his patients. The Doctor's focus on making money from his medical practice rather than on providing care and healing is what Chaucer disapproves of.

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What pilgrims does Chaucer despise?

Chaucer's character in "The Canterbury Tales," the Pardoner, is depicted as deceitful and hypocritical, prompting readers to view him with disdain. However, it is important to note that Chaucer himself does not explicitly despise any specific pilgrims in the text.

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