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5 - 0: Slang for police officers and/or a warning that police are approaching. Believed to be derived from the fact that some Police Interceptors use highly modified 5.0 Liter engines. Derived from the television show Hawaii 5-0.Template:Fact The 5-O name derives from Hawaii's being the 50th state in the USA.

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Q: What does 50 mean as in Hawaii 50?
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50 NITE: ? Hawaii night

What was the last state added to the US union?

Hawaii is the newest state in the United StatesThat would be Hawaii, added in 1959.

What does Hawaii 50 stand for?

Hawaii is the 50th state.

What is the rank order of Hawaii?

Hawaii is #50 among the US States,

How many states ar north of the equator?

If you mean how many of the United States of America, then the answer is all of them are north of the equator.All 50 states in the United States are north of the equator. The state of Hawaii is closest but is still several degrees north.

What are the 49 and 50 of the union?

Alaska (#49) and Hawaii (#50).

What are the 49 and 50 state of union?

Alaska and Hawaii

What is state number 50?


When was Hawaii a state of the us?

Hawaii became a US State (#50) in 1959.

What is the difference of China and Hawaii time?

china is 50 hours behind Hawaii

What is the newest 50 us states?

Hawaii was added last in 1959

What is the currency of Hawaii?

Hawaii is one of the 50 states of the currency used in Hawaii is US Dollar.