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Go with some friends and ask if he wants to come then go aigain alone you just need the guts. Become friends first... just a flirty friend =]

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if you're not sure if you would or can go say let me think about it, play hard to get, then come back and say that sounds like allot of fun, sure.

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Q: What do you say when your crush asks you out to the movies?
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What do you say when your boyfriend asks you to the movies?


What do you say when your dream crush asks you out?

Say yes then start bit by bit with the romantic stuff, first with holding his/her hand

What does it mean if your crush asks how you are?

he cares about you

Do guys usually say no if their crush's friend asks them if they like their crush?

We only say no if we have intentions for the person asking also,or someone else she might know,or if we are too shy.Other than that we say something like"yeah shes cool".

Is it gay if your friend asks your crush if they like you?

no its not gay if your friend asks your crush if they like you i did that for my very best friend and it turned out that he kinda liked her and he didnt know wether to say anything to her,...sometimes it helps but don't have her or him do it aways for need to build your confedidence!!!!!!!!<3

What do you do if your crush asks you out?

Well wat u would do is say i have to think about it to see if he really wants to and if ur ready then tell he/her the answer

What do you say to the boy you have a crush on if he asks you why you hate him but you really like him?

Be honest and tell him that you don't hate him, you actually really like him.

How do I make my crush think I am not interested in her?

You might want to act calm and try to be not nervous if she asks if you can go out with her or to do a favor say you are busy.

What do you say when a hot boy asks you out?

I have boys asking me out when i'm single and what i say to them is no! But if you have a crush on a guy and he asks you out but you parents don't like them then o! It all depends on who you are really cause if you don't want to break your parents heart then say no but if they like him and you have a cruch on him say yes! Its all on how you love your parents!!

How do you reply to someone you know that she knows that you have a crush on her and that you are in 5th grade and she is in4th grade and has a small crush on you too?

just sa hi if she asks you say yes u never know she may be nice

You like a girl and if she asks that you have a crush then what should you say?

You should let her know how you feel im 15 and the most things in our relationship is honesty.

If someone asks you to be there valentine?

Say yes if you want to be their valentine! If not, decline, but POLITELY. They worked up a lot of courage to ask you, and you don't need to crush them!