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Q: What do you call people who attend raves?
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What does raving mean if its use in a sentence like do you like to go raving?

People who attend raves (parties typically held at night where electronic music is played) are called ravers, while attending the party they are "raving". So if someone says do you go raving? They are asking if you attend raves.

Are raves cool?

Raves ARE very cool. very exciting

Are there alcohol at raves?

Traditionally, No at a real rave alcohol is not part of the deal. the reason people go to raves is to feel the music (which is never mainstream). if you want to drink and dance go to a club. think about it raves are usually just a bunch of people getting together and dancing. there are no bouncers or security to take care of a roudy bunch of people. just one example of why it is not a good idea

What do people do at raves?

Raves are huge dance parties with electronic music to dance and party too. Many people take drugs to enhance the "party" mood such as Ecstasy, Cocaine, Marijuana, and many other club drugs.

What is the purpose of rave flyers?

Rave flyers are advertisements which advertise raves. Raves are a type of music festival where people come together to dance to rave music and enjoy lights and DJ's.

What do you call people who like to attend funerals?

Taphofile That's the name for people who love funerals and graves and cemeteries.

What are raves?

Depending on where you live really. Raves happen almost every day and mostly on the weekends.

Are raves for gay people?

Not entirely, let's just say, there's a certain time when you KNOW you have to leave

When was Pretty Girls Make Raves created?

Pretty Girls Make Raves was created on 2006-05-11.

Should you wear glow sticks at raves?

yes defooooooo,you got too babe. They look so good in 'RAVES'

Where did raves begin?


Are raves fun?

If you like lots and lots of drugs, mainly EX, and sex, and lots of "rubbers" or feel-E people.