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There is no specific term that applies to a female soloist singer. A soloist is a person who sings alone and without accompaniment. Soloist can apply to a male or female.

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Q: What do you call a female soloist singer?
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What do you call a solo singer?

a soloist

What a antonym for choir?

Soloist, singer,

What European female singer sang a song with the lyrics call me in it?

One song is "Call Me" by British singer Petula Clark.

What actors and actresses appeared in Beograd nocu - 1981?

The cast of Beograd nocu - 1981 includes: Corps de Ballet Slaj Neca Falk as Guest singer Borica Knezevic as Soloist ballerina Oliver Mandic as Singer Maja Milosevic as Soloist ballerina Snezana Mitrov as Soloist ballerina Suzana Radulovic as Soloist ballerina Dragan Rnic as Soloist ballerino

What do you call a singing group made up of 1 person?

Nothing. A group infers that there are more than one of something.An individual singer is called a soloist.

Another name for lead female ballerina?


What do you call a person who sing solos?


The form of call-and-response most typically encountered in any musical style is one in which?

The call is given by the soloist and response by the group

What does the word soloist mean in music?

Normally a person who performs an individual piece or part either on their own or within a larger piece. For example, a piano concerto in which the pianist is the soloist. A concert where the singer is the soloist etc.

A person who sings songs alone?

Soloist or a independent singer. Hope that helps! sources: I'm a singer myself and am in the music business

What do you call a person who plays a trumpet by themselves?

a trumpet soloist

Who are the calico hearts?

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