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Q: What do you call a book without a cover?
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Is it illegal for someone to use an original image for a cover of their e-book without your permission?

Unless you copyrighted the cover, no.

To find the information you're looking for in a book without reading it from cover to cover look in the?

table of contents; index---apex

What do you call book cover art that goes on the front and back?

The book cover art that goes on the front and back of a book is called a dust jacket. It is a protective and decorative covering that wraps around the hardcover of a book.

What do you call in French an inscription on the inside cover of a book given as a gift?

une dédicace (fem.)

If you wanted to get an idea of what a book is about without reading it which text features could you utilize?

To get an idea of what a book is about without reading it, you can utilize the book's title, cover design, author information, table of contents, and blurbs on the back cover or inside jacket. These text features often provide clues about the book's subject matter, themes, and genre.

What is a paper back book?

A paper back book is a book with a paper title cover. Its thinner than a hard cover books cover

What is the possessive form of cover and book?

The possessive form for the noun cover is cover's.The possessive form for the noun book is book's.EXAMPLESThis cover's seal is broken.The book's ending is a surprise.

What is a foil cover of a book?

A foil cover of a book is a type of book cover treatment. It is a type of cover that uses patterned or layered foil for a decorative effect.

How do you make a duct tape bookcover without a paper bag?

you want a book first to use as a mold sort of deal. Get tin foil, smooth it and wrap it around the book as you would like to, and cover with duct tape. Voila! A duct tape book cover

Why the book cover better than real book cover?

because they work on that for along time and forget all about the book and then have to rush through the book and the real book cover!

How can you make a book cover?

when you make your very own book cover it is very good to do it and then when you are very relaxing then you are making your own book cover by your self

What is the difference between a soft back book a trade paper back book?

A softback book can refer to any book with a soft cover, which includes both mass-market paperbacks and trade paperbacks. A trade paperback book typically has a higher-quality paper, larger size, and better binding compared to a mass-market paperback.