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A pathologist.

Sometimes referred to as a coroner though coroner can also be an officer of the court.

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Q: What do you call a Doctor Who does postmortem?
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Use post mortem in a sentence?

*postmortem*"the postmortem of the man was unbearable."

Example sentence for the word postmortem?

That bruise on the body was sustained postmortem, after the death.

How do you write postmortem in a sentence?

On Wednesday of last week, they burned his remains postmortem.

What is The medical term for autopsy?

That is the medical term. It is also called a necropsy, postmortem or postmortem examination.

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what is the definition of postmortem?

After death.

What is a Word for after death?


When is a Postmortem done?

After death

your coworker falls off a step stool, and you think his ankle may be broken. what do you do?

You call a doctor and then if the doctor would like to see them, u drive them to the doctor..

What subheading will you find codes that examine body fluids or tissues postmortem?

An autopsy report will give you the findings from the postmortem examination.

Is the doctor allowed to call the second doctor?

Yes, a doctor can call another doctor to help.