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Rain, dew, and mist

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Q: What do rangi and papa tears symbolize?
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What were the Maori gods?

They were the children of Rangi and Papa. They were all male and there were 70 of them in total.

What actors and actresses appeared in Blue Tears - 2013?

The cast of Blue Tears - 2013 includes: Ari Papa

What is the motto of Rangi Ruru?

Rangi Ruru's motto is 'Whaia to te rangi'.

What actors and actresses appeared in Tree of Tears - 2009?

The cast of Tree of Tears - 2009 includes: David Dalman as Papa

What does waipuna a rangi mean?

waipuna a rangi

What is the words for ruaumoko?

dunno bro, im still trying to learn it. but its about the youngest of rangi and papa named ruamoko god of volcanoes. that's all I know. laters

When was Rangi Ruru created?

Rangi Ruru was created in 1889.

When was Tutekohi Rangi born?

Tutekohi Rangi was born in 1871.

When did Tutekohi Rangi die?

Tutekohi Rangi died in 1956.

When was Rangi Heremaia created?

Rangi Heremaia was created in 1995.

How tall is Shane Rangi?

Shane Rangi is 6' 4".

How tall is Rangi Ngamoki?

Rangi Ngamoki is 152 cm.