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In my opinion, there are baking shows, before and after shows, wedding shows, different family shows, and misc. shows.

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Q: What different kinds of reality TV shows are there?
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Why do people watch reality tv shows?

I am one of the fans of Reality TV Shows and I like to watch Reality TV Shows only because by watching these tv shows, we get to see special and unusual activity given by the participants of reality TV Shows. Reality TV shows us how to increase our own confidence by showing off their own talents.So, basically different people like different genres of TV programs, which includes Reality TV.

What is the viewing figures for reality tv shows?

You are going to need to be more specific. Which reality television shows? There are well over one hundred different reality shows on broadcast and cable television in the USA.

How is reality TV different from real life?

The shows are edited so that they have a plot.

What is meant by reality TV shows?

Reality TV shows are TV shows that are not "scripted". This means that the dialogue and scenes depicted on the shows actually happen in real life and are not simulations, henceforth, "reality".

When will reality TV?

Reality TV is a popular genre of television viewing. There are reality shows about almost anything. There are even reality shows that include naked people.

Who invented reality TV shows?

George Orwell invented reality TV shows in his book, "1984".

What percent of tv is reality shows?

There are about 29.3% of reality tv shows in the whole entire world and america.

What percentage of TV shows are reality TV shows?


Name three different categories of television programmes?

Soap Opera's......Comedy's.....Reality shows

What are reality shows?

Reality shows are television programs offered for entertainment to the viewing audience. There are 10 basic categories for reality shows: documentary, life drama, special environment, competition, talk shows, game shows, dating shows, celebrity shows, surveillance shows and professional activities. For more information refer to the book The Reality of Reality TV by Dr. Melissa Caudle available at

What is TV reality shows?

As the name depicts TV reality show is a non fiction TV show that is not based on any scripts and dialogues. But the reality shows these days are scripted too.

What do you call shows like biggest loser?

Reality Television shows

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