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In the movie 'Pay it Forward', Arlene McKinney (Trevor's mother) 'pays it forward' by forgiving her mother (who's an alcoholic living on the street), and allowing her to see Trevor.

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Q: What did the mother of Trevor do to 'pay it forward'?
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What song played during the scene of Pay It Forward when Trevor's dad was leaving again?

Last Resort by Papa Roach

How does Sidney Parker pay it forward in the movie pay it forward?

In the hospital scene, he lets the girl go before him because she couldn't breathe

What are the beatitudes in movie Pay it Forward with examples?

in the beginning

What is Pay It Forward?

In the modern vernacular the phrase has been adopted to mean, "don't worry about it, just go on and be a good influence with your life, or whatever." But the source of this phrase has a foundation that was popularized as part of the new millennium. Pay It Forward may refer to the book, the film, or the movement on which they are based. This social experiment is accredited to a boy named Trevor McKinney, whom Hypothesized that if someone were to "do something big" for three people and ask nothing in return, and that rather, they "pay it forward," doing three favors for other people, one could have a greater impact on the world. Similar to this movement, "Rachel's Challenge" describes the inherent contagiousness of deed doing. Where Rachel's Challenge focuses more on the sense of kindness, Pay it Forward is a simple plan to achieve world betterment. The Pay It Forward film, made in 2000 (starring Hayley Joel Osmont, Kevin Spacey, Jim Caviezel, Helen Hunt, Jon Bon Jovi and Jay Mohr) Is based on one man's part at the receiving end of this movement inspiring a backwards search for the source of the concept, Trevor. In theory, If everyone were to follow suit with the original plan, Trevor's school project grows exponentially; as follows: (Total Number of deeds) = 3^n, where n is equal to the generation of deeds. 0, 3, 9, 27, 81, 243, 729, 2187, 6561, 19683... So if someone tells you to "pay it forward" and you don't mind personally fostering a massive amount of kindness, you best find some people who need a little help; otherwise the Realists will have the last laugh.

Why does trevor died in pay it forward?

i dont know, but that was the saddest thing I have ever saw in my life. My question is what stupid kids parents let them bring a knife to school. I wish the movie ended differently and happy because I really started to cry when it was over. Very moving and emotional movie.

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Who did Arlene McKinney 'pay it forward' to in the film 'Pay it Forward'?

Trevor's mother, Arlene, 'pays it forward' by forgiving her mother, who's an alcoholic living on the street. She also allows her mother to see Trevor.

Which one of the bullies killed trevor in pay it forward?


Who was jerry in pay it forward the movie?

Jerry, in the film Pay it Forward, is the first person of three to be helped in Trevor's project. Jerry helps bring closure by continuing the project after Trevor's death, helping keep Trevor's memory alive.

When trevor first presents his Pay-It-Forward plan- as a way to change the world for the better- many dismiss it why in the book pay it forward?

In Pay It Forward, people dismiss Trevor's idea in the beginning because it is difficult for them to believe that one person can really make a difference by themselves, especially when that one person is a child.

How did Chris Chandler in the movie pay it forward track down Trevor?

a good way in the bed

Why is the kid's project different from the other student's ideas in the movie pay it forward and why do you think the other student's ideas are different from Trevor's?

Trevor's project for school in the film Pay It Forward was different from the rest of his students in the class because he didn't just want to pass the project. He wanted to make a difference in the world. Trevor thought outside of the box.

What song played during the scene of Pay It Forward when Trevor's dad was leaving again?

Last Resort by Papa Roach

Why is Jerry a key to the movie pay it forward?

yes, because it is one of the first persons that Trevor help and he continue the chain.

What type of conflict occurs in the novel Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde?

Man VS. Man because Trevor gets killed in the end

What position does Trevor Booker play?

Trevor Booker plays power forward for the Washington Wizards.

What position does Trevor Ariza play?

Trevor Ariza plays small forward for the Washington Wizards.