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It means he is going to do his signiture move: hell's gate

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Q: What did the Undertaker mean by Open up the gates of hell?
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What is the opening gates of hades mean?

It only means your going to hell

What happen now with the undertaker that he lost last night?

If you mean what will happen now and if you are referring to hell in a cell 2010 well then no-body knows!

Did undertaker sell his soul?

If you mean the wrestler, Undertaker, then no, he most certainly did not.

Is the undertaker mean?

In real life no

How are under taker dead?

If You mean "how did Undertaker Die" he hasn't, hes in a "vegetated state" so in a coma. If you mean "Is the Undertaker dead" hes not, its the plot. If you mean "Who Killed The Undertaker" No-one Has but its said that Kane put him in a vegetated state

When do undertaker tickets go on sale for belfast?

if you mean undertaker the wrestler may 2nd at 6pm

What is undertaker mean?

a person who undertakes something

What does it mean when undertaker sticks his tongue out?

for the fans

Where can you watch all of the undertaker's matches?

If you mean Wrestlemania Matchs then get the Undertaker 15 or 16-0 DVD.

Does Bill Gates autism?

if you mean does Bill Gates suffer from autism, NO he does not.

Is the career of Triple H over by undertaker?

No, Triple H lost to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, But that does not mean his career is over.

What does the undertaker's ring name mean?

a funeral director.