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songs recorded and performed by country artists

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Q: What did the Acuff Rose publishing firm rely on for sales of its music?
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Is Tennessee Waltz protected by copyright?

Yes; the song itself is administered by Sony/ATV Acuff Rose, but various recordings will have their own copyrights as well.

First living member or country music hall of fame?

Ray Price was inducted in 1996. Brenda Lee was inducted in 1997. Faron Young was inducted in 2000. Bill Anderson was inducted in 2001. Jimmie Rodgers, Fred Rose and Hank Williams were inducted in 1961.

You are trying to verify authorship of Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain Does anyone have any information at all pertaining to Mr Rose having actually penned this song?

Authorship of this song is and probably always will be shrouded in mystery. A lot of people assume Willie Nelson wrote it, but that is incorrect. It is most often credited to Fred Rose, Roy Acuff's partner in Acuff Rose Music in Nashville. They were a clever pair and bought a lot of great music, including songs by Hank Williams, for peanuts, eventually making a fortune while the actual composers often died broke. (This practice was pretty much the norm back in those days, but some publishers were fairer than others.) This song was probably NOT written by Rose. I have seen accounts attributing it to Rex Griffin as well as to Hank Williams. Hope this helps some, but we may never know who actually wrote this classic country song.

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Did Hank Williams write the lyrics to Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain?

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain was written by Fred Rose. Wikipedia's notes on Fred Rose say that he penned this and other songs while with Roy Acuff, many of them for Hank Williams.

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Did Fred Rose write most of Hank Williams Sr. songs?

Hank wrote most of his own stuff, while Fred Rose may have helped write, or co-written some of the songs, his role along with Roy Acuff was a publisher of Hank Williams material.

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How did the Campbell vs Acuff copyright infringement case affect the people in the case and what was the outcome?

The unanimous Supreme Court decision in Campbell v. Acuff-Rose found that commercial use did not preclude a claim of fair use. It introduced the concept of "transformativeness," which has been relied on in 95% of all fair use cases since, and reduced the importance of market impact in fair use cases. A good discussion of it, with links to the decision, is at the link below.

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