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granville woods

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Q: What did granville woods learn?
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What is Granville woods full name?

Granville Tiger Woods?

What is Granville Woods middle name?

Granville Trey Woods,is his name

What was Granville woods hardships?

what were some of granville t woods hard ships

Who were Granville Woods' parents?

Granville T Woods' parent's names were Tailer and Martha Woods.

What was Granville T Woods accomplishments?

Granville T. Woods accomplishments was to be a better inventor.

When did Granville T Woods born?

Granville T Woods was born in Columbus in April 23,1856.

Did granville y woods have a wife?

who is that u maen granville t woods yes he had kids

What year did granville woods invent the transmitter?

what year did Granville T. Woods invent the transmitter

What was Granville Woods son name?

granville trey wood

Who is Granville T Woods married to?

Lorretta Woods

Who was granville woods wife?

His wife was Loretta Woods

What is granville woods mother name?

Martha Woods