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cheese, butter, milk, bread, fish

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thank you
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but whaat did they do for him

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Q: What did captain olaf need and what did they do for him?
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What alias is count Olaf using in lake lachrymose?

Captain Sham, a peg leg sailor, who owns a boat rental business.

Did captain sham in series of unfurtunate events that his name was julio?

yes he did then he later told aunt josephine he was count olaf then she ran away

What colors do you need to make a rainbow loom olaf?

the colours of olaf so: white for the snow orange for the carrot nose and black for the hands and legs

Who was the canonized Norwegian King?

Olaf II of Norway. Olaf II Haraldsson

Where did olaf 1 or olaf 2 sat?

olaf 1 sat

Is there a mistake with olaf?

no there is not a mistake with olaf. some people thing that at the end when there all ice skateing that he should have it but he dons need it because he is on ice. and elsa made it snow.

What is a 4 letter name ending in the letter f for a Norse king?

Olaf? > :Olaf I of Norway :Olaf II of Norway :Olaf III of Norway :Olaf Magnússon (of Norway) :Olaf IV of Norway :Olaf V of Norway :Olaf I of Denmark? :Amlaíb mac Gofraid of Dublin (Norse Dublin) That's a lot of king Olafs.

What was olaf's real name?

olaf's real name was olaf schvkengrorgon, and was a member of popular Scandinavian band, Svke Olaf BROKVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(HAND GESTURE)

What is the birth name of Pierre Olaf?

Pierre Olaf's birth name is Pierre-Olaf Trivier.

What is Olaf Kolzig's nickname?

Count olaf

What is the birth name of Olaf Wijnants?

Olaf Wijnants's birth name is Olaf Willem Edward Wijnants.

Who killed the Baudelaire parents?

Count Olaf burned our house down.