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Lewis from even Stevens and Sam from Transformers, Shia LaBeouf is the actor's name who plays him so this is who he looks like.

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Q: What did Stanley Yelnats from the movie holes look like?
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What are some of the minor themes in the movie holes?

Stanley finds out that Zero was the cause of his troubles, but he feels like it was fate.

What does Stanley determine a nickname indicates in the story holes?

It indicates that he is now part of the group.

What is the book Holes by Louis Sachar?

the book holes by Louis sachar is a really nice book. the book is mostly about this boy name Stanley Yelnats that has to go to this camp name Camp Green Lake that use to be the largest lake in Texas and now it is dried up.But back back then they were tring to find this treasure that is in part of the dried up lake. So the warden wants to make all the people that were sent to camp green lake, has to dig up holes to find the treasure...........

What is the falling action of holes by Louis Sachar?

Holes by Louis Sachar ends with Zero (Hector Zeroni) and Stanley returning home to Stanley's parents (who have just discovered a breakthrough in their shoe odor reducer) with a strange chest. They pick the lock on the chest and discover millions of dollars worth of stolen stocks, bonds, good, and jewels. Hector was able to "hire a team of private investigators to help him find his mom. Turns out she had been looking for him too.". The Yelnats' shoe odor reducer sold like mad, and so the Yelnats family curse was broken.

Why didn't the yellow spotted lizards attack Stanley in the movie holes?

They didn't attack Stanley and Zero because Yellow-Spotted Lizards don't like onion blood and Stanley and Zero have been eating nothing but onions for the past few days.

What was Stanley's experience like at Camp Green Lake in the book Holes?

It was horrible!

What is a movie that is just like the book?

Holes, and Flipped

Can you show me a letter essay about Holes?

Dear ----, I read the book Holes. I think it is a very good book. I give it a 8 out of 10 because I liked it, but it was not that good. Stanley Yelnats was under a curse that his no good dirty rotten pig stealing great great grandfather gave him. Stanley was assigned to go to a Camp Green Lake. Each day they had to dig holes in the ground that were 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide. Zero, Stanley's friend, agrees to help him dig his hole if Stanley would tutor him. Stanley found out that the warden is looking for something, but he does not know what it is. Zero ran away from Camp Green Lake and Stanley got worried. In the end Stanley's family gets rich and Zero finds his mom. "Stanley and his parents had tried to pretend that he was just going away to camp for a while, just like rich kids do. When Stanley was younger he used to play with stuffed animals, and pretend the animals were at camp." I chose that passage because it shows how positive Stanley's family stays when times are bad. I think Stanley's family is the best type of family you could ever have. Some other things you should know is that the owners of the camp are horrible people. They made the boys dig holes because they want to find a treasure. The genre of the book Holes is fiction. this is a just right book. Thanks for reading this! Sincerely, E.A.D.

What was Stanley digging for at camp green lake?

Ca$h Muni, Riches, Diamonds. In a suitcase, I remember. With the words: Stanley Yelnats written on it. It was something the crazy cowboy lady left for him. It had mad muny and stuff in the box. I was like: O.o when I read how much money there were in the box. Legit. Paste money.

Why were zero and Stanley not bitten by the lizards in the book Holes by Louis Sachar?

They ate the onions and the lizards don't like Sam's onions.

What happens when the warden finds out the deal between Stanley and zero?

The warden gets mad at Stanley for not doing what he is supposed to be doing. like instead of learning his lesson about why he is there he isn't because Zero is just digging the holes for him so Stanley is not learning his lesson

Who is boy in holes?

The kid who didnt really talk a lot?His name is Herald aka Zero i think..or you may be thinking of Stanley,like the main character I think...Ive only seen the whole movie once I think lol