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He says a lot of things in that episode. Care to be more specific?

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Q: What did Peter Griffin say on the PTV episode?
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What does Peter Griffin say on the PTV episode when they bleep out everything?

You're supposed to think Peter said sexual things to Lois but in reality he wasn't saying anything.All the *honks* were added for laughs.You'll have to use your imagination and fill in the words.

What episode does peter griffin say the alphabet in less than as second and yells ahhh?

In 'Mr. Griffin goes to washington' (Season 3, episode 3.) Peter says all 50 states in less than a second and just yells aaahhh.

What episode did peter griffin say Im going to play some football while playing playstation?

I can't find that line in any episode, are you sure it was a Family Guy episode?

What episode of Family Guy does Peter walk in and say hi hi hi?

Season 3, Episode 14: Peter Griffin, Husband, Father...Brother. Without ad breaks it's at about 13:41

What episode of family guy does mayor Adam west say why thank you tinkle fairy?

Mayor West says that in the episode titled "PTV" from Season 4

In which Family Guy episode does Peter take his chin off?

That episode is Petarded. Peter Griffin wins a game of Trivial Pursuit and he considers himself a genius. Brian suggests that he should take the MacArthur Genius Grant test, but they say that Peter is actually mentally retarded. Peter Griffin starts to overreact to his condition so he acts like a stereotypical retard.

Why does Lois Griffin say Peter Griffin's name as peta?

It's her accent.

What episode does peter say these are facts?

"Family Gay"

How many times does Peter Griffin say Pow Right in the Kisser to Patrick?

Eight times.

How old is Peter Griffin of the Family Guy?

43 Years old. He started the series at 42 but had a birthday in the episode "Baby You Knock Me Out", so unless it's otherwise stated, logically, he's 43. * On the episode where Stewie auditioned for "Kids say the Darndest Things" Stewie says he is 42.

Which episode does Peter say 'thanks for the ride lady'?

"Emission Impossible"

In which episode does Peter say In Your Face to Meg?

He doesn't. He says it to Chris in Season Three|Episode Five And The Wiener Is