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the dad worked at a brick works place, and his mother was a tailor???

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Q: What did Michael parents do in kensuke kingdom?
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Why did Michael give his parents a coin in kensuke's kingdom?


Will kensuke's kingdom come out on DVD?

I don't think that Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Murpurgo will come out on DVD.

What did Kensuke use to light to fire at the end of Kensuke's Kingdom?

in Kensukes kingdom how does Michael start the fire

Where did Michael is Kensuke's kingdom visit?

The real island where they stayed was with the name, 'Kensuke's Kingdom'.

In the book Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo what are the names of Kensuke's wife and son?

kensuke Kensukes wife's name is Kimi

What was the name of Michael's Mother's name in Kensuke's Kingdom?


Is Michael kensukes son in kensukes kingdom by Michael Morpurgo?

No, Michael is not Kensuke's son.

Whose kingdom was created by the author Michael Morpurgo?

Kensuke's Kingdom was created by the author Michael Morpurgo!

Is Michael Morpurgo one of the charachters in Kensuke's Kingdom?


Is Michael from kensuke's kingdom real?

yes. Because two weeks after Kensuke died Michael went to see Mikia (Kensukes son).

Who is Kensuke?

are you reffering to the book Kensuke's Kingdom By Michael Morpurgo. If so Kensuke is the man who lives on the island and becomes friends with Michael in the book, who is introduced in chapter 5. But the rest you would have to read the book

How many pages does The Way of Kings have?

Kensuke's Kingdom is by Michael Morpurgo. Michael and his family are sailing around the world and Michael is washed off the boat. He meets Kensuke and together they survive being alone on this island.