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Before A Day to Remember, Jeremy used to study in the North Marion High School of Citra, Florida. He used to job at a Boston Market restaurant, & after that he had a job doing construction work. He use to be lead/rhythm guitarist & backing vocals for a ska band called All For Nothing. After that he met ADTR's original lead guitarist backing vocalist & writer, Tom Denney & original drummer Bobby Scruggs, that used to be the guitarist and drummer for a band called 2 Days 2 Late, & formed a band called End of an Era. After that the band added Joshua Woodard as bassist and Joe Barnes as rhythm guitarist. Shortly after that Josh and Bobby leave the band, Jeremy and Tom added a bassist called Jason & drummer Brandon Roberts. Jeremy and Tom kick out Joe because in a show Joe throw his guitar & star spitting on the ten people on the crowd, Jason and Brandon also were kick out, the reason of why they were kicked out was becaouse "they couldn't play his instruments correctly". Brandon threat Jeremy to smash his parent's house with a bat because of that. Josh & Brandon came back to the band, Tom & Bobby add 2 Days 2 Late former bandmate and friend Neil Westfall to play rhythm guitar and be backing vocals, then the band change his name to A Day to Remember (a name that Joe offer during one of the band practices). In 2004 they release his debut EP Halos for Heros, Dirt for the Dead, and the how all got started.

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Q: What did Jeremy Mckinnon do before A Day To Remember?
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Who is the lead vocals for A Day to Remember?

Jeremy McKinnon

Who is lead singer in A Day To Remember?

Jeremy mckinnon

Is Jeremy McKinnon of a day to remember married?

no but he does have a girldfriend

How old is Jeremy McKinnon from A Day to Remember?

Jeremy McKinnon is 32 years old (birthdate December 17, 1985)

What is the name of the lead singer of A Day to Remember?

Jeremy Mckinnon

Who is Jeremy mckinnon?

the lead singer and screamer of a day to remember<3

Does Jeremy mckinnon from a day to remember use a machine for his vocals?


Is A Day To Remember Emo?

No they are post-hardcore according to Jeremy McKinnon.

What earings does Jeremy Mckinnon from A Day To Remember wear?

They aren't normal earrings, they're called plugs.

The name of A day to remembers singer?

Jeremy Mckinnon

What are the names of the singers in the band A Day To Remember?

The singers in A Day to Remember are Jeremy McKinnon on lead vocals, Neil Westfall on backup vocals, Kevin Skaff on backup vocals. Previously as a backup vocalist Tom Denney.

Did Jeremy McKinnon of a day to remember quit?

No, Jeremy McKinnon did not quit the band. He and his girlfriend did break up though sometime after Homesick and it has been said that they always had issues because he was away on tour and the band was his life. If Jeremy McKinnon quit ADTR, it wouldn't be ADTR anymore because his vocals + lyrics AND Tom Denney's guitar writing made it what it was. Tom Denney did quit ADTR, though he still writes with them.