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I can't exactly understand Bailey. Cody on the other hand...

Cody: 日本はすばらしい国です。 = Nihon wa subarashii kuni desu. = Japan is a wonderful country.

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Q: What did Cody and bailey say in Japanese on the episode marriage 101?
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When does bailey and Cody have their first kiss?

At the end of the episode double crossed Bailey kisses Cody on the cheek.

What episode was it when Cody gave bailey flowers and she was wearing a blue shirt?

It was the episode "Breakup In Paris". Bailey stamps on the flowers, in the belief that Cody was cheating on her. Im not sure if this is the episode, because in Breakup In Paris, she is wearing a dress.

When will Cody and Bailey make up?

Next episode, most likely :P

Will Cody and bailey makeup?

there have been rumors about an episode called kettle corn and i think they may makeup in that episode

Which suite life of Zack and Cody episode their in a Japanese costume?

zack and cody lost in translation

Will Cody and Bailey go to Yale together?

We won't know until the Graduation episode come out

Do Cody and bailey break up?

Yes, they do in one of those episode call "Break Up in Paris". That episode started about 2 weeks ago I think. There was a 2nd episode 1 week ago, then there is a 3rd episode coming up. But I think they will come back to be girlfriend and boyfriend.

What number episode do Cody and bailey break up on suite life on deck?

Series Three, Episode 49, " Breakup In Paris".

What is the episode called when bailey and Cody breakup in the suite life on deck?

The correct answer is that they began dating during the special event "Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana" when Cody gets Bailey tickets and backstage passes to a Hannah Montana concert in Honolulu, Hawaii and Bailey proceeds to kiss Cody, which ends up starting their relationship.

Where Is Cody and baileys first date?

At the end if wizards on deck with Hannah Montana. They have a date at her concert Bailey also kisses Cody on the ship,In that episode

Are Cody and bailey ever makeup?

they may in an episode that might air in season 3 called kettlcorn

Will Cody Martin and Bailey Pickett make up in the suite life?

They do make up because in the episode A London's Carol when London is taken to the future, Cody and Bailey were married and celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.