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how many people she would actually kill in the first year

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Q: What did Bella found out that Emmett and jasper were betting on?
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Does Bella Swan have any siblings?

In twilight Edward has two sisters: Alice and Rosalie. In the before they found Alice or Rosalie, Edward had to pretend to be Esme's brother. How could you not know this it is in the books!!!!!

What is Emmet's backstory?

Emmett's back story is he was mauled by a bear and was found by Rosalie while she was hunting. She carried him on her back and traveled for 100 miles until she found Carlisle. Rosalie then asked Carlisle to change Emmett into a vampire because Emmett reminded Rosalie of one of her friend's sons. Emmett and Rosalie are now married.

How did Alice and Jasper meet?

The last answer was wrong. This is the correct answer. Jasper found Alice waiting for him at a diner in Philadelphia because she had seen him in a vision of the future. (Eclipse, pg 301)(Above). And Alice said it's about time you showed up. you kept me waiting. Jasper replied I'm sorry, ma'am. no matter how creepy she was he could not be rude to a lady. Alice told Jasper about the Cullens and their diet. Jasper came with her and they fell in love.

Who finds Bella in the forest?

In the second book, new moon, Bella is found in the forest by Laurent one of the nomad vampiers. Laurent was associated with James before his death. Jacob then finds laurent and Bella in the forest, and saves Bella from the bloodthirsty vampire.

Does edward wont Bella to have a baby?

At first, he wants Bella to have an abortion because he was afraid of what would happen. But Bella refuses and has Rosalie protect her..but then, as he can start to hear the baby inside Bella, he really wants to be a father and have the baby, but it could kill Bella......

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Is it Jasper Emmett Alice Rosalie then edward in twilight out of the 5 is the oldest out of Emmett and jasper emmetts younger then jasper?

The order of age from youngest to oldest in human years is as follows:Edward (17)Rosalie (18)Alice (19)Jasper and Emmett ( 20)The order of age from youngest to oldest in vampire years is as follows:Rosalie and Emmett (92)Edward (104)Alice (106)Jasper (164)This should be pretty accurate, I found it of a reliable website. If not, it's only of by a few years. But you needn't worry because the order is still right. Hope this helped! :D

Whose oldest Jasper hale or Emmett Cullen and how?

If you mean by vampire years then it is jasper as he was created in the 16th century by a vampire called maria. Emmett was made my carlisle much later on in the 20th century when rosalie found him being mauled by a bear.

What does each of the Cullen family members think of Bella?

Edward is deeply in love with Bella and is very protective of her. Carlisle sees Bella as a member of the family and respects her as Edward's choice. Esme is caring and nurturing towards Bella. Alice is fond of Bella and sees her as a sister figure. Jasper is cautious around Bella due to his struggles with controlling his emotions. Emmett is playful and friendly towards Bella. Rosalie is initially resentful of Bella but eventually warms up to her.

In twilight is this the right order Jasper Emmett Rosalie Alice then the youngest is edward?

Yes, almost. Jasper and Emmett are both 20 years old. Rosalie is 18 years old and Edward is 17 years old. However Alice cannot remember much of her life as a human she found out she was born around 1901 but it is unsure at what date she was changed into a vampire. But yeah, you pretty much have it. jasper Emmett (both 20) Rosalie 19 Alice 18 Edward 17 in that order?

In the movie twilight it goes carlisle Esme then Emmett Jasper Alice Rosalie and edward?

This question doesn't make complete sense but... If you are referring to in which order each of these characters appear in the film then it is: Rosalie and Emmett Alice and Jasper Edward Carlisle Esme On the other hand, if you are referring to in what order they became vampires/joined the family it is: Carlisle Edward Esme Rosalie Emmett and finally, Alice and Jasper came to the Cullen family together (having found eachother) after being 'changed' by other vampires

Does Bella Swan have any siblings?

In twilight Edward has two sisters: Alice and Rosalie. In the before they found Alice or Rosalie, Edward had to pretend to be Esme's brother. How could you not know this it is in the books!!!!!

Who is Emmett Cullen?

Simple Answer:Emmett Cullen is a fictional character in Stephenie Meyer's "The Twilight Saga", as one of the vampires in the Olympian Coven, with the Cullens. Emmett was adopted by Carlisle and Esme Cullen, and turned into a vampire.Character Biography:Emmett Cullen (born Emmett Dale McCarty in 1915) is Edward and Jasper Cullen's adoptive brothers. He is the husband of Rosalie Hale Cullen, who is the adopted sister to Edward and Jasper Cullen as well. Some believe that Emmett's physical strength is his power, but, all the others (Jasper, Alice, Edward, Aro, Jane, etc.) are not physical, therefore they are mental which somewhat are more considered powers because it is easier to get to a certain physical state than mental. One day in 1935, when Emmett was wondering in the woods, he crossed an angry bear. He was then mauled by that bear. Then, while Rosalie Cullen was luckily hunting in the same area, she found Emmett and carried him many miles, trying to resist his blood, to Carlisle. Rosalie then asked Carlisle to change Emmett into a vampire because he reminded her so much of her old friend's son. He is now (fictionally) happily living his live as a vampire with his family, Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Bella, Reneesmee, and his wife, Rosalie Cullen- who he calls "my angel".

Who does Bella Swan from Twilight hang out with?

Bella Swan mainly hangs out with the Cullen family, consisting of Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, Esme, and Carlisle (although she mostly sticks with Edward and Alice of the entire family). When she isn't with her vampire family, she's most likely found with Jacob Black and the Quilettes. Early in the series, Bella hung out with kids from her school such as Jessica Stanley, Angela Weber, Mike Newton, Eric Yorkie, Lauren Mallony, and Tyler Crowley.

Were Edward Cullen and his friends and family glad that Bella found out the Cullens' secret?

If you read Midnight Sun you get Edwards perspective and Jasper and Rosalie don't want her to find out because Rose doesn't want to move and Jasper is scared she might tell people. Alice, Carlise, Esme, and Emmett don't care to much Alice whants to be her friend Emmet is kinda on Rose's side just cause its Rose and Jasper wont kill her because it would hurt Alice and oh and Esme is excited

Where was Emmett Till found dead?

Emmett Till was found dead in the Tallahatchie River.

After Edward Cullen was adopted who was the next person in the family adopted?

Esme was next, then Rosalie. then Alice and Jasper found them. Then (spoiler for Breaking Dawn) Bella and Renesmee.

Does Jasper and Bella always get along?

NO WAY! not all the time. In New Moon he almost killed her. And the eposide that happned with him was what was needed for Edward to go away. I'm sure Japer didn't like Bella running away in Pheonix either. He was supost to watch her. I'm sure Edward gave him a ear full when he found out Jasper lost her.