What did Aaliyah model for?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Aaliyah modeled for Tommy Hilfiger, first appearing in his 1997-1998 catalog. He, Tommy Hilfiger, recruited Aaliyah after seeing her in one of her videos.

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Tommy Hilfiger

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Q: What did Aaliyah model for?
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What was Aaliyah job?

Singer, dancer, actress, model

Was Aaliyah discovered an American model?

yes she modelled for Tommy Hilfiger. ha ha

What was Aaliyah's occupation?

Aaliyah Dana Haughton (1979-2001) was a singer, dancer, actress, and model. She sang professionally from the age of 10 and was signed to a recording contract at age 12.

What else did Aaliyah do?

Aaliyah was a singer, dancer,actress,model, teen idol, and she also supported 10 different charities, one in which she ran a marathon for. It was for women who were fighting breast cancer.

What are strange facts about Aaliyah Haughton?

Aaliyah was a Singer, dancer, actress, model. some facts about Aaliyah was close friends with Nicole Richie,Best friend was Kidada Jones,Shoe Size: Size 6 - 7 (depending on the shoe). Aaliyah also likes to wear kids' runners size 3-4, you can go to to look at more fact about Aaliyah

What was Aaliyah's whole name?

Aaliyah's WHOLE name was Aaliyah Dana Haughton.

What is Aaliyah's whole name?

Aaliyah Dana Haughton is Aaliyah's WHOLE name .

Did Aaliyah get cremated?

NO Aaliyah Was Buried

What color is Aaliyah?

Aaliyah is Black.

What is aaliyahs full name?

Aaliyah's full name is: Aaliyah Dana Haughton

How old is Aaliyah Mae Miller?

Aaliyah died at the age of 22. rip Aaliyah

How tall is Aaliyah McGuire?

Aaliyah was 5'7, i believe.