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yes she did

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Q: What degrees did Dorothy Hodgkin have?
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When did Dorothy Hodgkin conduct her research?

Dorothy Hodgkin conducted her research in the year: 1933.

What is Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin's birthday?

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin was born on May 12, 1910.

When was Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin born?

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin was born on May 12, 1910.

What kind of scientist was Dorothy hodgkin?

Dorothy was a docture

When did Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin die?

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin died on July 29, 1994 at the age of 84.

When did Dorothy crowfoot hodgkin get married?

In 1937 Dorothy Crowfoot (at the time) married to Thomas Lionel Hodgkin and they had 3 children.

What has the author Dorothy Hodgkin written?

Dorothy Hodgkin has written: 'Birkbeck, science and history' -- subject(s): Birkbeck College

Was Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin married?


Siblings of Dorothy hodgkin?

She had three sisters

How old is Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin?

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin was born on May 12, 1910 and died on July 29, 1994. Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin would have been 84 years old at the time of death or 105 years old today.

What were some of Dorothy Hodgkin's best discoveries?

she had a baby

What was the birthplace of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin?

Cario, Egypt