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Monday March 14th, 2050.

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Q: What day will Pi day be in the year of 2050?
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What day will new years be on fall of 2050?

December will be a 30 day month in the year 2050, However December 30th 2050 is Wednesday, So new years day will be Thursday.

What day of the week will New Year's Day fall on in 2050?


New Year's Day in 2050 what day is it?

January 1st. :/ duuh

On what day of the week will New Year's Day 2050 fall?


Isro in year 2050?

the year 2050 might not come because of god or 2012

What is the 314th day in the year 2012?

the 314th day in the year 2012 is pi day (pronounced pie day)

What is the next leap year after 2050?

The next one after 2050 is in 2052.

Should pi day be a significant day in your calendar year?


What day of the week will be June 7 2050?

June 7, 2050 will be a Tuesday.

What will be the day on the first Tuesday in June in 2050?

It will be Tuesday the 7th of June 2050.

What day of the week was January 1 2050?

January the 1st 2050 will be a Saturday.

Why is pi day on march 7th 2013?

It's not. In 2013, "Pi Day" is on Thursday, March 14th. The only part that's different from any other year is the 'Thursday' part. Pi Day is on March 14th every year.