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The Day the first term ended that year Harry and the DA had a last meeting before the Christmas holidays. After that meeting Cho and Harry where left alone and they kissed for the first time. That night Harry had the vision of Nagini attacking Mr.Weasley. That was Harry's first kiss.

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Q: What day did Harry Potter kiss cho chang?
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Who is Cho Chang?

Cho Chang is the girl who had Harry Potter's first kiss

What room did Harry Potter and Cho Chang kiss in?

Harry kisses Cho in the room of requirement

Who does Harry Potter snog?

Ginny Weasley, Cho Chang (only once did they kiss)

Who did Harry Potter kiss in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?

In the book he kisses Ginny in her room before being walked in on by Ron and Hermione. In the film he kisses Ginny in the Burrow kitchen before noticing that Fred is watching them :)

How many people did harry kiss all up in Harry Potter?

Harry kisses Cho Chang and Ginny Weasly.

Who is the Chinese girl in Harry Potter that Harry Potter liked?

The name is Cho Chang.

Are there any romantic scenes in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?

There is a scene where Harry and Cho Chang kiss under the mistletoe...

Did Harry Potter ever kiss Rubbia?

first of all.....who is rubbia?? Harry only kisses Ginny and cho chang

Does harry kiss cho Chang?

Yes. He kisses her at Christmas time under the mistletoe in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Where did Harry Potter kiss Cho Chang?

The Come and Go Room. Also known as the Room of Requirement.

Did Harry Potter ever kiss Laura O'Tolle?

No. Harry only kissed two girls; Cho Chang, and Ginny Weasley. Daniel Radcliffe did. Harry Potter did not.

What was Harry Potter's girlfriend called in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?

Cho Chang