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It depends on the artists

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Q: What day are new songs released?
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What are the new and latest songs?

New songs are released continuously.

Will Green Day do new songs?

yes, they are, they are releasing an album in late 2008 and they have also released a new album under the name of "The Foxboro Hottubs"

How many songs did Elvis Presley record?

He released a total of 711 songs in his career, though the number of songs he recorded that never really saw the light of day was roughly 988. Not sure of this 988 figure - as far as I know just about ALL songs recorded have been released - I believe it is 800+

Will green day have another CD?

Yes... There is a new live album out soon with new songs on and maybe a new album with tons of songs on :)

Where can one find new songs by Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne's website always announces new songs that are released. Itunes carries new songs for downloads while Youtube allows people to stream the songs.

What are the release dates for Old Songs for New - 1932?

Old Songs for New - 1932 was released on: USA: 4 March 1932

Is Avenged Sevenfold making new songs?

As of 2010 they just released their newest album, Nightmare. Odds are they aren't making new songs yet. However, they have not confirmed if they are working on new songs or not.

How do you know if there are new songs released?

write the name of the singers on a big list ... then check this list on youtube every day hh..... i think there is no other way.....

What songs will Green Day have in their new live album when it comes out?

It already came out. You can find the list of songs on amazon or Green day Authority.

Does green day still record new songs?


What songs are on the album Brand New Day by Sting?

The album Brand New Day by Sting consists of ten tracks it was released on 18/04/2002. The songs are as follows A Thousand Years, Desert Rose, Big Lie Small World, After The Rain Has Fallen, Perfect Love...Gone Wrong, Tomorrow We'll See, Prelude To The End Of The Game, Fill Her Up, Ghost Story and Brand New Day.

What is edge's new entrance songs name?

On this day by Alter Bridge