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Q: What country singer sings stuck on you?
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Who sings 'our song'?

Taylor Swift the country singer sings "Our Song".

Who is the country singer from Louisiana that sings the song just breath?

The singer who sings 'Just Breathe' is Faith Hill.

What country singer sings moments?

Emerson Drive

Which country singer sings the song wanted?


Which country singer sings 'What Do You Think about That'?

== == Montgomery Gentry

Country musicin in the arms of an angel?

the singer who sings this song is country singer Sarah mcgachlan and it is called angel

Is Carrie Underwood a classical singer?

No, she only sings country

Which country music singer is it that sings Thank You?

Johnny Reid

Which country singer sings the song the impossible?

Joe nichols

What singer sings the country song Change?

Taylor Swift

What country singer sings boon docks?

Michael Jackson!!

What country singer sings she said yes?

Rhett Akins